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Reimagine Your Style: Everything You Need to Know About Jewellery Redesigning

Jewellery redesigning, also known as a jewellery makeover or jewellery restyling, refers to the process of transforming existing pieces of jewellery into new and updated designs. It involves taking outdated, inherited, or unworn jewellery and giving it a fresh, new lease on life by incorporating modern styles, adding gemstones, modifying the settings, or completely redesigning a piece using the materials from the old, outdated pieces.

One of the concepts behind jewellery redesigning is to retain the sentimental or valuable aspects of the original piece while infusing it with a contemporary aesthetic and personal style. It allows you to re-purpose existing jewellery, breathing new life into pieces that may have been tucked away and forgotten about, laying in a drawer or jewellery box and serving no purpose. This practice forms a large part of my business, as each year I help many clients to redesign and recreate their old, heirloom jewellery into stunning new pieces.

The following are considerations pertaining to redesigning your old jewellery:

1.Potential discovery of hidden gems.

A consultation with me will enable you to discover literal hidden gems within your collection. I will help you to ascertain the value(s) of your items and give you an honest opinion as to whether or not they are indeed worth repurposing. I’ll then help you to further explore the options of re-purposing and transforming these pieces into stunning creations that perfectly suit your current style.

2. Bring your ideas to life.

By leveraging my experience as a jewellery designer and goldsmith, we can translate your ideas into practical, beautiful designs that capture your unique wishes and personality. The collaborative process leads to the creation of a piece that you will love and be proud to wear. I’m always open and honest with my opinions and always explain the reasons behind every opinion. I have helped many clients to create fresh new pieces over the years, and this remains a passion of mine.

3.Reinvention with the possible addition of gemstones.

In many cases, clients will want to add a splash of colour and vibrant to the new design. Perhaps it’s the birthstone of a loved one. Other times it could simply be a stone representing your favourite colour. In some cases, clients will choose a gemstone that holds some form of intrinsic meaning or perhaps a healing property that they believe in. I can supply you with a myriad of different stones which are available in many different cuts. I can advise you on which would be best suited for the project. In today s’ world of jewellery, there are many option available, one of which is the option of natural, mined gemstones as well as laboratory grown gemstones which have become very popular in recent years.

Aside from jewellery redesign and re-purposing, I specialise in creating custom engagement rings, wedding bands, and a wide range of unique jewellery pieces. With 30 years of hands-on, internationally acquired experience, I can help you to bring your specific, individual jewellery ideas to life. I recognise and value that your jewellery should reflect your individuality, which is why I work closely with you to design pieces that perfectly match your needs, tastes, and budget. My commitment to quality and service is always evident and I proudly warranty all of my work. An important part of the process of engaging with me on your jewellery project, is my personal guarantee of efficient communication throughout every step of the process. Book your no-obligation consultation with me for a free quote on designing, manufacturing, repairs, or modifications.



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