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It’s All About You: Custom Jewellery Designs Just For You

I believe that having something custom designed and manufactured specifically for you can be one of the most gratifying experiences in life. An object created solely for you that takes into account your individual personality, tastes and lifestyle. Custom designed jewellery is one form of such, and I am passionate about designing and manufacturing bespoke items for clients which reflect their personalities and their individual desires.

I work closely with you to develop a piece th

at you will be proud to wear.

The following are a few thoughts and aspects to consider when embarking on a custom jewellery adventure:

  1. Collaboration with skilled artisans: Working with an experienced designer who has decades of experience in the meticulous craft of actual hands-on production is key to the process. In most cases you will be talking to a designer that will understand the process and help you create a design that reflects your ideas. This is standard practice. Upon your approval, the designer will then hand the design over to a goldsmith who’ll be tasked with bringing the design into reality. There are many skilled goldsmiths that are very adept at doing this. However, in some cases, there can be a mismatch between the designer and the bench-smith that can result in an altered, perhaps skewed version of what was intended by the design. In many cases, modification can rectify this. This is where I differ. As someone who not only discusses the ideas and produces the designs, I get my hands dirty and craft the designs, bringing them to life from the concept right to completion. I discuss your ideas with you and ensure that we’re on the same page as far as your wants and wishes. I point out pros and cons and help to develop a design that is totally practical and feasible, while maintaining what the piece means to you. There is little that will be “lost in translation”, as I perform all of the work involved.

  1. Bridging the gap between imagination and the finished article: When it comes to the conceptualization and creation of the design, the importance of working with a designer that is able to understand the physical feasibilities and practicalities entailed in making the piece cannot be understated. This will prevent you from being steered in the wrong direction which will lead to problems and disappointments down the line. The designer’s ability to “read you” and get to know you and understand your lifestyle, personality and preferences, is equally as important. As a goldsmith and the designer that you will talk to directly, I take a lot of pride in my ability to connect with my clients on the right level which allows for the most authentic representation of these aspects in the pieces I produce. This is an ability I seem to have come by naturally and it truly does help with the process.

  2. Expression of personal symbolism and sentiment: Every custom design I produce is tied to sentiment and symbolism. There is almost always a story attached to the designs I’m commissioned to manufacture. This is a very important aspect to many people. I am often humbled by being chosen to be a part of this process. I am always humbled by the amount of gratitude that so many people have shown towards me for working to realize their aspirations when it comes to the creation of their special piece.

  3. Exclusivity and uniqueness: Each and every piece of jewellery I produce is created “from scratch”. You can be sure that if I craft a piece for you, it is totally one of a kind.

Allow me to work with you on your custom jewellery creation. I’d be honored.

As a master goldsmith with 30 years of internationally attained experience, I’ve been working with clients to design and manufacture jewellery in all shapes and styles. Over the years, I’ve spent many thousands of hours creating unique objects of beauty. These pieces have all been representative of the specific wants and preferences of my clients and invariably have a very sentimental basis for inspiration of their creation. I’m very passionate about the work that I produce and I take great pride in my ability to connect with my clients and work with them to bring their custom jewellery ideas and dreams into reality. Please feel free to book a free, no obligation consultation with me to discuss your custom jewellery creation.

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