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Expert repairs to all types of  jewellery.

  • Ring resizing (size up, size down, silver, gold, platinum, palladium)

  • Shank replacement (replacing a worn out section of your ring)

  • Claw re-tipping

    • checking the claws that secure your stones 

    • showing you the condition of claws

    • advice if maintenance work is necessary or not

    • free assessment in your presence with full explanation of work if suggested

  • Stone replacement 

    • Diamonds (natural and lab grown)​

    • Colored gemstones (natural and lab grown)

  • Gemstone polishing

  • Polishing and refinishing of jewellery (getting your jewellery refurbished and brought back to the condition it was in when first purchased)

  • Soldering and laser welding

    • cracked rings

    • broken chains

    • snapped claws/prongs on settings

  • Rhodium plating (is your white gold ring lacking the white appearance it originally had? Rhodium plating, sometimes referred to as "re-dipping" is a practice employed by all jewellers around the world. Most companies don't perform this at their own place of business. I refinish and rhodium plate jewellery here in my studio)

  • Modification (if you want changes made to more suit your taste, there is the option of modifying an existing jewellery item. Opinions, advice, and estimates are free) 

  • Many other services are provided. 

  • If your repair need isn't listed here,  please enquire.

This is a list of common repairs performed on a regular basis onsite in my Ottawa workshop. I'm proud of 30+ years of experience in repairing, refurbishing and refinishing jewellery. I've spent literally thousands of hours performing these tasks. I have a good sense of what's possible and what isn't. If I can't repair something I will explain to you why not. Estimates are free. All repairs are performed in house, by me, the person you will talk to about the job. There is no middle man or shipping of jewellery involved. I'm trusted by many people when it comes to dealing with precious, valuable or sentimental pieces.

The following pictures shows me replacing the shank on a ring.

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